Hair extensions are a lot different from wigs. With wigs, the entire hair is covered by a net mesh.  With hair extensions, your real hair shows completely but extra hair is added to the hair you already have.  With hair extensions, you can have them made out of real hair, you can have a synthetic hair extension, and you can have yarn hair extensions or wool hair extensions.  All of them look unique and are an addition to your real hair. 

With real hair extensions, you can have normal human hair woven into wefts which are then sewn carefully into a part in the head.  The wefts can be very short, in the range of an inch or so or can be up to six inches in length, which can cover the entire back of one section of the head.  Wool hair extensions and yarn hair extensions are primarily for decorative purposes.  Most wool hair extensions and yarn hair extensions are sewn in individually to strands of hair and tend to look like dreadlocks.  Wool hair extensions and yarn hair extensions tend to be very brightly coloured for the best in decoration. 


Remy hair extensions come generally from India and have all cuticles intact.  The hair in Remy hair extensions all goes in the same direction so that it doesn’t tangle.  The presence of the cuticle makes the hair stronger so that it lasts longer on your head. The colour is lifted from what is normally dark hair and the result is Remy hair extensions of all colours.  Some Remy hair extensions can be curled so that you can have wavy or curly hair.  Remy hair extensions tend to be more expensive than other types of hair extensions but the result is worth it.  Remy hair is used in wigs as well and the result can be spectacular. 


Regardless of the type of extensions you get, you need to know how they are applied and how best to take care of them.  If you get sewn in extensions, they will be sewn in using the wefts of hair in lines as mentioned above or they can be sewn onto tiny bundles of hair—just a few strands at a time.  This is much more time consuming and is often used for decorative hair extensions such as wool hair extensions or yarn hair extensions.  There are also clip-in extensions for hair.
Clip in extensions are not difficult to put in but you probably still need another person to put them in for you.  With clip in extensions, you part the air horizontally and clip in the extensions along the bottom half of the part. Clip in extensions are then put along the next part below it and is continued down until you cover the entire head with clip in extensions.  You can’t wear these extensions to bed because they tangle easily but you can put them back in when you get up.  They last for several months with proper care and handling.
Whether you choose wigs or hair extensions, you can nicely change your appearance for a special occasion or for everyday wear. 

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